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    BrightPath’s broad array of physical and intellectual programming promotes healthy living through an active mind and body.

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    BrightPath Kids explore their unique interests while having the opportunity to discover new ones with our carefully blended FrogStreet curriculum.

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    BrightPath Connect enables you to catch your BrightPath child’s special moments in real time through a convenient mobile application!


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Welcome to BrightPath

Our expectations of the center and staff have and will remain very high.  As a mother who works full time in an executive position in addition to a full time Masters program, I am leaning heavily on BrightPath staff to provide guidance and support in relation to the betterment of my children.  The staff help parents because they have high expectations that start from the top down in the organization.  I am very thankful that my girls receive the second to none support, guidance and love at the facility. I am able to balance all of my deliverables, ONLY because of the support I receive from the staff. Mothers especially, struggle with MOM GUILT which we carry from the point of birth onwards. However, having a support system such as this allows me to dissolve this guilt and focus on my career and a fruitful financial future for my family. I am incredibly grateful for this support.

The Johan-Watt Family, Chestermere